Our non-food grade tanks contained an epoxy in them. They are still good for non-potable water, storing recycled oils, storing other solid items that need not to be in a FOOD GRADE container, septic tanks, and more!

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Our food grade tanks come from a Juice Plant and most contained juice,pulp, and other food grade materials. They are 100% SAFE for ANY project you have in mind including but not limited to: Rain Water, Potable water, Aquaponics, Fish, Hydroponics, Rain Harvesting/Collecting, Gardening, Livestock feed, Drinking water, and much much more.

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An intermediate bulk container (IBC), IBC tote, water tank, or pallet tank, is a reusable industrial container designed for the transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulated substances, such as Drinking Water, rain water, feed, food ingredients, solvents, pharmaceuticals,oils, chemicals, etc. Intermediate bulk containers are stackable containers mounted on a pallet designed to be moved using a forklift or a pallet jack.  Cube-shaped IBCs give a particularly good utilization of storage capacity compared to palletized drums.

IBC Totes are used to store and transport fluids and other bulk materials. Both the size and rigid structure of these caged tanks make them ideal for “re-purposing”.

Category: home

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